Saint Gobain Expands its presence in Coahuila; US$100 investment

The French firm Saint Gobain Sekurit formalized an expansion project in the South Eastern region of Coahuila, by setting the first stone to its...

New Heineken plant in Chihuahua construction at 50%

Tecate is looking to reach 70 countries in the world, after becoming the second Mexican brand in the Heineken global portfolio, according a...

Baja California leading the aerospace industry

The Aerospace Cluster in Baja California has expanded its imports, number of companies and employment over recent years, maintaining leadership in...

According to Jose Yarahuan Galindo, President of INDEX Juarez, the maquiladora industry will start 2017 with plenty of job offers, thus regaining the terrain lost after the crisis from 2008-2009.

189,000 jobs were lost due to the global recession and the insecurity in Ciudad Juarez, but now there are 270,000 jobs and there were roughly 45,000 to 50,000 openings during 2016. These numbers represent recovery, while looking for the greatest benefits for people from this sector, especially during this new New Year.

Source: Televisa Juarez

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