Juarez and Chihuahua are expected to continue ranking on the top positions of new employment in Mexico, with growth rates of 18% and 16% respectively. According to Alfredo Ruiz, representative from Manpower, both municipalities lost one point in comparison to last year's record of the same trimester, since SMEs were rather static during June and September. The manufacturing sector is bound to maintain the greatest growth rates in Chihuahua, mainly in the automotive industry, due to the U.S. economic growth, said Ruiz.

Uber has launched its first cross-border service, offering one-way transportation from San Diego across the San Ysidro border to anywhere in the northern Baja California region, extending as far south as Ensenada and as far east as Mexicali.

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CBP’s tethered aerostats keep watch for trouble from 10,000 feet

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 What Lies Beneath

Investigating Arizona’s illicit subterranean passageways with Border Patrol’s Tunnel Team

By Jason McCammack, CBP


When Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Thomas Pittman began investigating the drainage systems beneath Nogales, Arizona, 18 years ago, he discovered an underground Wild West.

“The drainage tunnels were wide open and people were just flooding through them,” Pittman said.

“Back then the drains had gates [along the channel between Nogales and Mexico] that were made out of simple landing mat and the illegals would just break them open with no problem and make their way through.” The Border Patrol installed heavy steel gates along the Nogales drainage system to tame the situation, but drug and human traffickers are nothing if not inventive.

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